Day 29: A Short Story

The dreams we had when we were kids get lost in a whim when we grow up but even then some part of childhood never left us. At the last Sunrise of the month, Hannah was just sitting down on the sofa. The much-needed break was finally here. The month was pretty tough for her.… Continue reading Day 29: A Short Story

Breaking the Promise

Did I break it? Was I not able to control myself! These are the questions many asked me after my last post. Yesssssssss. I broke my promise and again started watching anime. There are no excuses for it. This is one of the points that I will never forget in my life. So, it was… Continue reading Breaking the Promise

To Sacrifice!

We all have heard this as we were a kid and even now that when you want to achieve your highest dream, You have to give up your closest thing. This marks that you are in no mode of joking and you are 100% serious. So, as you all know I wanted to get to… Continue reading To Sacrifice!

Why It Failed Last Year?

Hey guys! Happy new year’s eve. It’s 9 hours more to welcome 2019 in India. Well, guys, I hope that many of you might be thinking about what new year resolutions to make for this year and many of you might also have made yours. Well, guys allow me to tell you my conversation with… Continue reading Why It Failed Last Year?

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Weeks later!

I always used to thought that by reading more and knowing in depth about this world will give you a clear picture but is it just me or I find this more confusing. WHO KNOWS !! 🤔🤔 After reading through a thousand memes of the unsatisfactory reality of the year 2020😂😅, I do find that… Continue reading Weeks later!


Taking out some minutes during is not so tough but I am really lazy enough for that. So, sorry for the delay everyone and I wish you a Happy New Year! You know what I was the type of person who would think that why It has to be Happy, I mean for me from… Continue reading NEW YEAR WISHES !

Being Honest!

One of my friends asked me one day out of many blogs you have written how many of it, do you actually follow. Well, I said to be completely honest, very few of it. The very reason I wanted to write was not that I am the one practicing it or preaching it. It is… Continue reading Being Honest!

Freedom !!!

This is just Stupid as it gets. I feel awkward already. Hey everyone. Sorry, I am late. I know I promised that I will keep updating new posts. But life, huh!! Just kidding. I was being lazy and also that I was concentrating my mind on a different thing. Do me a favor and read… Continue reading Freedom !!!

Dice of Gamble’s !!!

Hi, there …! I’m Eshwar P V, a fellow friend of yours. I’m pursuing my studies in Information science engineering at Bangalore.This is my first blog and I shall pull you into my fantasy world of my ancient war myth story ,which had been haunting in my mind for past 3 years, and I would… Continue reading Dice of Gamble’s !!!