A Special Day !!!

Hey Guys, I just wanna share that Today is my Birthday 🎂🎂 Yep, Yep and today I am not gonna get enough time to write anything. So just happy day to all of you !!;

Do Dreams Speak ??

Have you ever feal that dreams speak to you ? Well it has happen several times to me. I often go to many dimensions in my sleep😂 . When I wake up contrary to others I totally remember my dream but what bothers is that I couldn’t do anything to speak through it. There are… Continue reading Do Dreams Speak ??

Given a chance! (Poem)

Please visit on my website for exciting Environment!!! Enjoy the Poem So, you think you can do something little different or out of the box that given a chance you can change the world by your revolutionary ideas and thoughts!! You have guts to stand out and make your presence out to the world So… Continue reading Given a chance! (Poem)