The First Programmer What do you think programming is? Nowadays, millions of people join C.S engineering without having a Scheme of what Programming is or What a Computer Signifies! They say, how tough these things are and Why they are nothing besides getting a job or so! Let me Inform you about the Greatest and… Continue reading Untitled

We Are Tiny !

Taking too much pride on the fact that you are a human ? Bragging too much about the technological advancements of human beings? Sorry to say , you will change your attitude after reading this. To attack your sentiments let me start with how small your are in size…. If you have ever been at… Continue reading We Are Tiny !

The Trip:Manali

This Past Week was one heck of an enjoyment. I will try to describe it in a nutshell. I went to Manali with my family along with my uncle, aunt, and my cousin brother and sister. It was one of the most beautiful place. The sad thing was that we couldn’t go to Rohtang pass… Continue reading The Trip:Manali

Is Change Important?

Hey guys, thank for showing up here. Check out my post here. It has been a little late and I am very sorry for that. But I promise to better next time. Thanks !

Was it worth ?

It’s been 7 month since I have started blogging. I have got 100 people listening to me through out the world. So, Is the quote ” A pen is mightier than Sword ” is true. Well, who knows ?? Check out my site for this post in the best way.

A Special Day !!!

Hey Guys, I just wanna share that Today is my Birthday 🎂🎂 Yep, Yep and today I am not gonna get enough time to write anything. So just happy day to all of you !!;