Day 29: A Short Story

The dreams we had when we were kids get lost in a whim when we grow up but even then some part of childhood never left us.

At the last Sunrise of the month, Hannah was just sitting down on the sofa. The much-needed break was finally here. The month was pretty tough for her. She left her hometown and came to this city to look for a job. She finally got one but the work wasn’t easy.

Even though She didn’t enjoy the work, a steady paycheck was enough to make her happy. At least that’s what she thought. She didn’t like the City. It was loud and irritating. The People looked always in Rush.

But the People were nice though, A month of work in the editorial department of the local News Firm was enough for her to meet people.

She was usually silent, not picked attention but she was pretty talkative. A good old friend was enough to make her nostalgic and she would spend up the whole day talking to her.

She kept down the coffee mug on the table and began her lazy day. She had a habit of reading books. This was mostly due to their friends in her hometown. That place had a big library, where they mostly spend their time in and afterward spend hours talking and making up the future story.

The Place where she lived now was not pretty bright at all. Even at the Sunrise, the Building was closed and that stopped any light entering.

She picked up the newspaper lying near the door. The first page like always was a big Ad about the companies. She rolled the page and started reading articles. Suddenly she started thinking why wasn’t she happy?

This question was making her bewilder. While reading a book, She conversed with her own version living in an alternate world. Living the life of her dreams.

Having to move to different places and enjoy multiple lives was her dream but as soon as she had to choose from the article stacked in her work desk for the next day paper, she started having second thoughts about her life.

Normally, passing the day would have been easy for her but today even after a brunch, She had trouble passing it. She picked up a book and started reading. It was the one who was always with her and even made her happy.

Turning the pages and smelling the part of it, having a dream while awake, this was the dream she was living at that moment. The Journey, the adventure even the smile and the tears, She was living through all of them. She seemed happy.

The Sun was finally down and she could see the clouds changing their color. The little birds trying their best to match with their parents while returning home.

She closed the book, awakened from her dream, moved to the kitchen to make dinner. She thought of ordering but the City food wasn’t good for her taste. Her mother taught her cooking and she liked cooking.

The aroma of the food was filled up in her small apartment. She took out the food on the plate to serve. There wasn’t much utensil in her home but it was enough to make her through the day.

After eating, she washed dishes and finally moved to the bed. She picked up the book for the last read of the day but wasn’t able to read at all. Drops of Tear started slipping from her cheeks to the bed and her face covered by the book. Embraced by the love of her Mother, She kept the book at the table and Turned off the light.

Thank you guys for reading this. This was my first try for writing a Female character. Tell me in the comments how was I and in which part I was missing and again, thanks for reading. Stay Safe and Enjoy the lockdown till it stays:=>

Till next time, Sayonara !

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