Blessed- A Short Story

Hello Guys, I am so sorry I haven’t been able to post for the past 2 months. But no excuses are enough even for my heart. So from here on, I hope to give you stories that you will surely like. Anyways, Enjoy!

Bless those who don’t get involved in love and stuff. As a 6th grader with zero experience, that’s what my thinking was all about. Many of my friends tried their best to have fun and explore. I tried to stay out of it cause I never wanted the trouble.

I remember how my best friend kept on nagging to our small group and telling about his sad story . Apparently, he got rejected by 2 girls till now.

“But What’s wrong with me”, he exclaimed and I replied “I don’t know, If I were a girl I would have immediately proposed you with a big heart”. All of my friends started laughing at this joke. It was a pleasure to make them laugh since it was the one thing, I was good at !! 🙂

Apparently, as my friends say “You can never talk directly to the person you love” but I never took their words seriously.

As class 7 was knocking on our door we started making plans for our journey ahead. Unknowingly, there was a big twist ahead.

Due to some reasons, all the 3 classes of our batch were shuffled and I ended up being alone in a different class. This completely wrecked me, but soon it got proved otherwise.

As I walked in the class, I was mesmerised to see this beautiful creation of god, beautiful than everything else. I was actually surprised that I had never noticed her for the past 3 years in the School. This was a completely new experience for me and I wanted to attend class everyday just to catch a glimpse of her.It was becoming a habit.

The view of her could be described as the rays of Sun, so amazing and so soothing. Just glancing at her got my heart pounding. Now I started to remember my friend’s condition.Each day I would hope, that today, I am gonna talk but it all vent in vain

One of my friends asked her which High School she was aiming for and I was really happy that We were on the same track. But just like a dream, the days didn’t stay for long enough.

That one month flew away like a breeze making me regretful for my coward nature. Anyways, she chose a different High School at the last moment and this ruined my whole dream with her.

“Hey, what are you thinking about” enquired one of my friends, as I regained my attention to the present. Surrounded by my new friends.

Thank you so much for reading and I promise to bring new stories soon and keep you entertained :->. A special thanks to my friend Kushal for bringing different insight to the story. Till next time, Sayonara!!

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