Weeks later!

I always used to thought that by reading more and knowing in depth about this world will give you a clear picture but is it just me or I find this more confusing. WHO KNOWS !! 🤔🤔 After reading through a thousand memes of the unsatisfactory reality of the year 2020😂😅, I do find that we all keep our faith and hopes in the person we even don’t know about instead of doing it ourselves. So, I would like that for this year I wanna have more confidence in me. 🧐 Less Expectation and more enjoyment, these are the goals for me this year. Anyway, I always wanted to discuss these things with you guys. As a fellow student of science and also avid reader of mythological books. I often find it difficult to cover all the gaps. I actually find the contracting points quite interesting and I wanted to go more depth in it😋😜. So, this year is for the all the missing points, more books, more mythologies and better writing skill. So, I wanted to know from you guys what points do you wanted to fill for this year. Just comment in the box and I hope that this year will be fantastic for you guys !! See you guys soon !!😀🤘

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