Do you know what Enigma is? It was a high-tech machine created by German cryptographers during the W.W.2 regime, that secured their conversations all over.

Before it was taken by the army, the main aim was for business people, who use it for securing their transactions. After several alteration, it came to use for the army.

During the War, several countries tap the conversations of others to lead them help but it was known that this German security was impenetrable. The Enigma made their security so invincible that other countries were unable to do anything.

This is what normal people know now let me tell me the interior story.

There was a so-called traitor in German who had hands at all of the blueprints and keys of the Enigma, he knew that the war was near, so he chooses to send every one of the blueprints to codebreakers in Poland.

Their code breakers work continuously to find a solution for it. The code breakers in Poland after breaking the Enigma soon found out that Germany is invading Poland. So, whatever secrets they had, they send it out to Bletchley Park in England.

When England got the papers they were surprised that Poland’s codebreakers were able to break Enigma. As the war broke out throughout the cities, the Enigma was upgraded again.

England invited their most talented Mathematician, code breakers and puzzle solvers at one place, ‘Bletchley Park ‘ to break the invincible Enigma.

Out of them, there was a person called Alan Turing.

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He was a little different, different in many aspects. Talented as he was, he wanted to create something totally different as ever before. He wished to create something that was never thought on earth at that time.

He knew that Human Brain was able to run at a certain limit and no further, so he designed a machine to overcome that limit.

The main function of that machine was to break the Enigma very easily .

After some time, he completed his machine and today those advanced machines are called Computers. Yes!!

He was the first person to device such a machine that could that so many calculations at simultaneous at that time.

It is called that due to that machine, the Enigma was finally broken, and the conversations of Germans were easily known to all. So, the war ended quickly.

It is said that the invention of that machine ended the war 4 years before it was predicted to. Saving countless lives.

Anyway, none of these was made public that made this great invention unknown to others. And soon after it, Alan Turing was found to be homosexual.

At that time, a homosexual was found to be a criminal. So, according to the courts, he was given the medication that leads him to illness and one day, he did suicide.

So, One of the greatest minds of human history died due to such BS reason. In 1970’s, finally, all of this news was known to the public.

There are so many persons that have hidden talents throughout our world. Only if we wish to try something new than sticking on a same old thing. The world will truly develop.

It is not only about the Humans, but Nature has also thought us that only the fittest will survive, isn’t. The one who doesn’t believe in impossible things were never able to see the future.

My Blog Title is also Time- Enigma as I believe it that just like Enigma, there is no such thing as impossible.

Thank you guys for reading and I do hope you enjoyed the post. Until then

Sayonara 😁

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