At his 10th birthday they met.
He looked with his glittery eyes and he cried happy tears.
They became the best of friends anyone will ever know.
As clock struck 2, he runs towards door and stared to the end of the road waiting for the van.
He comes back from school and both plays for hours ignoring dirt of uniform and loosing track of time.
Promised never to leave each other alone.
At the age of 22 he got a job.
He looked back at the airport but he didn’t look to him, both hiding their tears.
Destiny is such a strange thing.
He was diagnosed with cancer and had only counted days to live.
He heard his best friend’s agony on phone while riding and lost track of balance, hit the railing of the speedway.
God listened to the promises made by the innocent child to never leave each other alone.
Hope they are now playing above the clouds, he throwing the ball and he pouncing to catch it.

What did we humans did to deserve dogs as our best buddy?

Hope you liked it. *Fingers crossed*

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