Why It Failed Last Year?

Hey guys! Happy new year’s eve. It’s 9 hours more to welcome 2019 in India. Well, guys, I hope that many of you might be thinking about what new year resolutions to make for this year and many of you might also have made yours. Well, guys allow me to tell you my conversation with my best friend, Ad about his new year resolutions.

Me: Hey man! What’s your new year resolutions for 2019?

Ad: Nothing man! That same old stuff only.

Me: Those? Healthy eating, waking up early, exercise daily and all other stuff?

Ad: Yeah! This year I’m not even making any resolution because I read an article yesterday that if you can’t follow your decisions and see it through the end then you will end up having a bad habit of dropping everything and a mindset that ‘I fail at whatever I start’ so why even bother to make resolutions.

Me: Yeah man! That’s quite right. It does work this way but you should have read something else also which would have helped you in deciding to make this year resolution and this year miraculously completing them.

Ad: Really? What thing?

Me: Yeah, sure! I’ll tell you mine about what I read, practised and it’s tried and true. A more personalized one.

Ad: Oh! shoot, then.

We all can relate to my friend Ad and I can even relate more because actually, Ad is me. More specifically, Ad is me from last year! Let me clarify! Actually last year I was same as Ad, sceptical about making new year resolution and confident enough that I won’t complete them. So, then, how am I different than last year Adit? Actually not much different but yes psychologically I have undergone quite a change! And as a part of that today I’m here to teach Ad about how to make a new year resolution and seeing it through the end.

What’ wrong?

So 1st of all I wanna say that the way every other person make new year resolution is actually not a complete way of making it. Allow me to explain. Let’s say that I make a new year resolution ‘to get leaner and fit this year and become more health conscious’. This statement will tell my mind only about ‘what I want to do’. But that’s not enough message for our mind to make it stick with the new year resolution. Then what more to do?

Doing it the right way!

Telling my mind only about ‘what to do’ won’t suffice. Our mind needs an action plan to work on and follow the required steps to complete the given task. So, I need to chart an action plan for my health goal and this is how I did it.

Well, it’s my unfiltered 2019 resolution for health and special interests included as well. I hope y’all understood what I’m trying to convey. So, now that action plan is ready what’s next?

Moving a step further

The last thing that I wanna knows that after all these work I didn’t complete my 2019 resolutions. Well, that hurts! So, the next thing I need to do that I check my action plan daily and chunk it too weekly and monthly achievable goals and audit them as the week or month end. This way I’ll be able to keep a check on my progress and in turn, it’ll motivate me further to accomplish more. One more thing, to be specific Y’all need to make a goal in 6 aspects of life, they are

  1. Health and body
  2. Career and success
  3. Wealth
  4. Relationship
  5. Personal Interests
  6. Physical Objects (like what you want, eg a new car, a watch, etc)

PS. Make your goal as specific and clear so that a 6-year-old can read it and understand it coz that’s the clarity that it takes to make your mind understand the task wholly and chart on the mission to accomplish it.

Reason for so much hassle

That’s all folks! I decided to write on this topic because I wanted to share how I’m designing my resolution and in the hope that it might help my readers also. And there’s one more reason to publicly share my knowledge because now that I have delivered my plan to Y’all then now I have to be accountable on this to all my reader and if I might slack off then there’ll be someone who might poke me and remind me about my goal. And it’s especially about delivering my quality content to you throughout the year and publish 150 posts this year. It’s my motive to provide value through all my posts to my reader and be of some help. Every minute spent on reading my article must be well utilised by Y’all. It’s quite a commitment I need to work on through this year. Thank you guys for reading and be with me till last of this long post. Your comments are most welcome and if you’d like then do share about your resolutions and how you’re gonna achieve it.

Let us all crush it in 2019.

Wishing Y’all a very happy and prosperous 2K19.

Peace. A.  

 To read something more about accomplishing and be more fulfilled in life read this article by Tony Robbins appeared in SUCCESS MAGAZINE.




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