With the constant turn down even from his own people,

Slammed his door for this world.

Was a star around his people,

Is now just a lost asteroid in this world.

One day found a puppy under his car

Shivering with cold and wet fur.

Took him home and gave him warmth,

Food to eat and a home to live.

The puppy was lost from his family,

Found a guy who was lost in this world.

Who once lived in his own isolation,

Now travelled the world with his guy.

They both lived their life to the fullest,

Walked on the beach in sunset and trode the rocks to the hill.

The lost guy was back in the world,

Saw the real beauty of good people and this nature.

No one knows, angels can also bless in four legged buddy

Dogs are so good for this world that’s why we get to be them for only a part of our life.

That night he cried his heart out in the cold winter,

Tightly hugging his life with his sweater.

Dug his grave and promised will sleep next to him when his time’s done.

Now in the loving memory of his angel,

He started a initiative to care and give shelter to all those lost in this world.



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