One of the most important things Supernatural tells us

What is Supernatural?

Hello again, as the title suggests, you may know what I’m gonna write

and you are correct. This is about one of the most famous and fantastic series called Supernatural created by Eric Kripke. 
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And for you guys who don’t know what  Supernatural is, it is a story about 2 brothers moving through the American roads in their Impala to find ghosts and other unnatural beings. Sounds weird, isn’t it? Believe me, the first impression the show gave me was dumb. But just as I started watching it, they gave a lesson throughout their journeys.

What I learnt from it?

Well, the show goes from hunting local ghosts to demons, vampires, werewolves and tons of other things. But in every episode it shows us that, We can’t do everything alone, yep that’s right! Many of us think that when we are doing a work whether small or big, we must do it yourself just because of our ego, but this show insist us that we should never be alone, sometimes being alone makes a good person go mad.
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Family! a big thing isn’t it? How many times we have ignored our family by giving some excuse, it may be of our father or mother or brother or anyone. We must learn to accept them, no matter what type they are, they are the people who help us in our darkest time, even if we ignore them.

This series gave me the thought that family is not about only the people with whom you share blood, it is about the people that gave you help in hard times. 
Be helpful and never judge people by their face and first impression.
As I always say, the first impression is always deceptive!
Sometimes, Villains are the people whose backstory has never been told.
Soon, you will start loving them too!

How I watched Supernatural?

After my 10th board’s exam, I had 2 months free. In 1 month, I watched other series as well, moved through different parts of town. In the 2nd month, my brother advised me to watch Supernatural, with the main part of horror, this season was enough to make me a big addict of it. I acknowledged that in 1 month, I have to watch 11 seasons ( at that time), so every season has 23 episodes. It was one of my achievements LOL! , Sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes laugh, sometimes depressed and another time to take a laugh out of me. I rated it the best event that had happened to me.  


If you think you are living a bad life, see them (not giving any spoilers). Embrace the struggle and join the supernatural club. For people who have not watched it I seriously recommending you. Seriously it’s worth it!!!.
For people who have watched it, I welcome you to reply in the comments for any problem you have and I will be sure to reply that!.
Thank you for reading and I will be soon back with a new blog about one of the most interesting things in the world.

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