Control your Mind, Control your World!

It is common when you think about the movies like Lucy and the idea of the limitlessness of mind, you get such an awe that our mind can also do such kind of stuff, right?

These movies have created a different ideology about mind in ourselves, that is by unlocking 100% of our brain we can do things that seem pretty cool like back in time and seeing that Big Bang from one’s own eyes (yeah, Lucy). 
But believe me when I say you already are at the full control of mind means you have already unlocked your 100% brain power.

What is the real meaning of the Mind?

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When I say about the mind, you should think of it as a two-way portal. i.e Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind is the one which we are using now. It plays a vital role intake day to day normal thinking and decision making unless it is done intuitively, the movement of our physical parts body like limbs, the reminder of our daily course and many other things.
Now think, while we sleep we are still breathing and body processes are going down in our insides. Who are responsible for the proper regulation of these things, at these times when the conscious mind is sleeping the Subconscious mind comes into play but don’t think it like it sleeps in the daytime! 

Difference between them?

There’s a lot of differences between them. Now, when I have said that you have already unlocked your 100% mind, what does it mean? I will tell you but first, let’s look at the differences.
Do you know the subconscious mind is always awake? It doesn’t need rest at all and doesn’t get frustrated. It is the one we familiarly refer to as the 6th sense.
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When someone asks you to do something, what do you do? Immediately do it? No, first you think about it, it’s advantage, the disadvantage and many more or you think critically about it. This is the work of your conscious mind. While thinking the subconscious mind as a servant, whatever you ask for, it will do.

All the Successful people have one thing in common, that is they are using their conscious and subconscious mind altogether. With this their path became clear and they found their purpose and the rest they created is HISTORY!  
How can you think of success when you say different than you talk. Many people say that talking doesn’t affect our brain at all. Of course, it doesn’t affect our Subconscious mind directly but while we are talking on a certain topic and we accept a single thing, our subconscious mind accepts it as order and it sends messages via neuron to imply it in our daily life.

Control your Mind or else it will!

There is a very true saying about the Mind, it is a very good servant but a bad master. When you let your mind be affected by certain thoughts told by other people, you yourself let you fail. 
Let’s take an example, you are in a race suddenly your friends sniffed into your ears “Hey, why are you taking part in this running event. Haven’t you heard that last year’s champion is also competing? You will surely fail”. 
Now, in this time 2 cases arise:

1st case: You let your friend’s advice to be true, you automatically accept the defeat even if the race is not started. What does it do good? Nothing, this is called as Mind as Master.
2nd case: Let’s take that you ignore your friend’s advice, you have a sense of firm belief in yourself and your skill of running, you order your inner self that whatever happens, you will give everything you have. After the race, you win or lose, everything is good. You know why? Because your mind accepts that you have the willpower to do even the impossible so it will make itself ready to do more for a long run.

How to do it?

According to the books, I have read, you know sometimes imagination is better than everything.
I suppose you have seen my last blog about the FUTURE OF SCIENCE, there I talked about the power of imagination.
Well, because they are the perfect ways to realize the power of your subconscious. The sooner you realize it, the better it does.

Think about the saints in many places they have the power to slow their heartbeat and they can stay without food and water for weeks. This is because they have known the power to their mind and not by eating some tablets. 

Please try this at home. Every morning as you wake up. try to think about the person you want to become or be perfect at a certain skill of yours, now recite loudly, the feelings to yourself as to be confident of yourself and having belief that you will do it. YOU will CONQUER IT. Because no one can help you if you don’t have a belief in yourself.

I say thanks to my Friends Aditya Raj for almost giving every idea for this story and also for motivating me every time

I welcome your comment or share any feeling you have towards it.

Thank you and have confidence in your goal.


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