No techs and gadgets. A nightmare worth living or not?

You woke up and don’t see your mobo on your bedside then you get up and even the TV is gone from your room. A nightmare. Isn’t it?

Imagining a day living without technology around is no less than a nightmare. Even our day begin with waking up by the mobo’s alarm tone or Alexa, then checking the notifications stacked overnight. Then switching to the news channel on TV or some prefer mobo apps like ET, TOI, etc to update ourselves with the happenings around the globe and this list of techs in our day keeps on counting.

Is there something we miss?

Yes, it is true that technology has changed our lives in a very subtle manner. I had stated in one of my blogs that it was the work of numerous inventors, innovators and visionaries through which we are able to live this life.
But let me rewind you a little bit. Is there a life without technology? Did we people were surrounded by this gadgets even in our past generations?
Once my Mother told me that in her college time her teacher discussed the possibility of a video call which was followed by the roar of laughter among students sitting there. But now, even Rs.1500 phone have the feature of video calling.
When I was little, I used to think how people at that time used to have fun. Wasn’t their life would had been so boring. But fortunately, my destiny itelf gave the answer.

The most important things in our life!

Let me tell you a little tale, it’s all true and a part of my life. A part of my life spent in the hostel.
So, it all started when my father put me in a boys hostel for 11th and 12th. The situation was so bad, I thought my life was being wasted there. You should think, 7 people in a room with no free space for study table. Classes starting from 6 am to 1pm and then to study all day in the classes and ofcourse, no electronic devices were allowed.
Who would have thought that even in that hell, we will learn and earn something that can never be replaced in life?

Life Without Smartphones and with friends.

You should know that without mobile phones, human show their true character ie their actual way of behaving. When we were alone and unknown to others without any gadget to engage us so a bond of friendship grew among us. We started to learn from each other whether good or bad. LOL!
After 2 years, we started to love that hostel more than everything. Ofcourse, we never realise what gems we had until we lost it, This is me in this case. I made friends who became a turning point of my life.
I got my answer about how life would have been without any gadgets around us. That was indeed so amazing, so fabulous that none can imagine.
Yes, there is knowledge without Google too. We learned about the books, we learned about science, space, earth and heaven and hell too!
In my room, due to one person everyone started to love physics, beyond the books. Due to one, we forget about the casteism and learned about humanity. We learned many things apart than only studying.

Was that FUN?

Well don’t me get started. The fun was more than anything. How many of you can make lassi by 1-2 glasses of curd for 7 boys, well my friend did!

How many of you alone can wipe out a tension on students face

for IIT in a joke, well my friends did!

When we were sad, one would sing( not a singer though) or other would mimic others just to make us laugh replacing every single music or vines.
You see, the whole point in saying this is, rise above smartphone, don’t think they are the only things in our life. The world is very big and mobile is only a speck of it.
When I come to my new college, the same thing is going on, everyone is busy on the mobile phone and show off! They would never know the fun without the mobile phone, without pubg or Coc.
Even we friends would have never realised that if the mobile was also present there.

What is Reality?

For those who don’t know these things, I am going to tell you an important fact. In India, the total population is 135.40 crores and the people who have internet access in nothing less than 40 crores. You see, we do things like kiki challenge and other for fun because a majority of people do these, even celebrity do these. But now do you see? We are a minority here.
We are not alone in India, those 90 crores also have a life, they are not just nothing.
Those 90 crores also would have the dream, they too would have worked hard or had fun.
Remember, sooner or later, these ignorances will bring a big problem for everyone.
A little incident helped me more to understand. One day, I was moving in a bus in Banglore. I spotted a man that looked more like northeast people ( i am also). Suddenly he sat beside me and started to talk.
Passing over the conversation, I will tell you the conclusion, that man was from Bihar. He came to Bangalore in search of job and finally got one as a carpenter, but do you know, his age was only 20, that means he was only 2 years older than me.
He knew nothing of free bank accounts, or government free plans or anything. He just didn’t know anything.
This incident reminded me again, that we are only one sitting beside the TV and looking at the news. These people for whom the jobs and the plans were made would have never used it because they would never have gotten the information.

Get the knowledge!

Do you get it now, These things we have now is a result of scientists and engineers and pioneers working over an era, creating something as a revolution, don’t waste it on silly things like gaming or quickly going over the trends like Musically or B.s like Shark game or momo challenge.

If you want to get fun try to get over the mobile phones, then you will see the real world. Only if someone explained to me when I was the kid, I wouldn’t have rushed my mind remembering every single mobile phone that comes online.

Anyway, thank you for reading this and remember it’s never too late to change the habits. I am surely not saying to totally avoid these things, I know that they are very important but try to get these things

in good use rather totally depending on these.

Remember, good and bad memories happens with every one. They are part of your life.
Endure both because they will become one of the best memories of your life.

Share your memories with me in my comment section and follow my blog to get more of these things.
BTW that pic was taken in Visakhapatnam, the City of Destiny!


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